26Feb 2018
I needed a moving company last minute and Movers Belsizepark were the only ones who were available and didn't try to charge me double for the inconvenience.
Vera Thyme
21Apr 2016
I was pleased with the packing and unpacking service I hired from Movers Belsizepark when I was moving house. I had already booked the company for the loading and transportation, but at the last minute I had to go away for work, so had to book additional help. The company were great and soon arranged for the packing supplies to arrive along with the team of packers. It was all soon sorted and on its way to my new house and then unpacked with care. Also, the packaging was taken away afterwards, sparing me the effort of figuring out where to dispose of it.
Barry Henry
16Jul 2014
With regard to the nature of the removals game, it is a massive necessity to have a really good removals team on your side, as otherwise there is very little that is going to go smoothly or easily throughout the process. In many ways, there is an absolute need to ensure that the removal team know exactly what they are doing, and that you are happy to work with them, but with BelsizeparkRemovals that is exactly what you get. Take it from me, you need to use them!
Jacqueline Gray
25Jun 2014
After comparing several companies' online quotes I came across BelsizeparkRemovals and I am very pleased that I did. They showed a very professional service from the start and guided me and my wife step by step through the process which they stuck to, making everything so clear, the removal team made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend this company as my move was successful and I had a stress free experience. Thank you so much!
Barry Bond
02Jun 2014
We moved house last week, it was such a stressful situation because we was not expecting to move so soon, our home had been up for sale for a very long time but we finally got a sale and the sale went through incredibly quickly, I was not expecting this at all and it meant that we had to move out fast. At a last minutes notice we called BelsizeparkRemovals who were very helpful, not only did they do a remarkable job when assisting us on the move but also they offered us a solution, we needed temporary storage, and they came to the rescue by taking our items to their storage units, thanks so much!
Gail R.
13May 2014
I have nothing but good, positive words to say about BelsizeparkRemovals. They really were great throughout my move. None of it would been simple and smooth if it were not for this truly brilliant removals company and their great team of movers. The movers were skilled and talented and hard working. They never stopped once they started. And, even better, there were no delays. Everything went so smoothly. I couldn't believe how quickly it went either. Overall, I'm an extremely happy customer with nothing but great ways to say about this wonderful company!
Phil Graham
29Apr 2014
Not sure I can remember a company who went so far out of their way to make me happy. I was recommended BelsizeparkRemovals by a friend and even though I was a little outside of their regular area, they still managed to make sure that I got a really great service. The way they handled the entire moving process really showed that they knew what they were doing and you could see their expertise shining through in every single action. It's nice to know that there's a great service out there when you want to move home.
Louis Roberts
16Apr 2014
I didn't have a huge amount of cash to play with after the purchase of the new house, so budget was pretty important to me on the recent move. BelsizeparkRemovals seemed to get this, and made sure that we got the move done for as cheap as possible. That said, they weren't exactly slacking off either. We got the moving done pretty easily, and they made sure to drop the boxes off in the right rooms, so unpacking was fine. Nothing got broken, so I was really pleased!
Isaac Foster
03Apr 2014
If I ever move house again then BelsizeparkRemovals will absolutely be the first people that I call. The movers at this company were second to none, and they made me good and calm when moving day finally rolled around. The prices were the first thing that attracted me to the company, but after spending the day with such professional, dedicated and lovely people I can honestly say that I'd recommend this removal company to anyone! Lovely people, lovely prices and exceptionally professional! My house move was a great experience; I only wish I'd called them to buy my removal boxes too!
19Mar 2014
Once upon a time, I used to think that moving home was among the most difficult things I could do. Getting everything I owned shifted into some new space was just so much hassled and so much risk. However, that was before I discovered BelsizeparkRemovals. With their help, I can happily say that I've never enjoyed an easier move and they did everything in their power to ensure that I was moved swiftly and efficiently in to new home. No breakages, no hassle, low price. Everything I had hoped for, and exactly what I wanted from my moving company.
Betty Patterson
19Feb 2014
Let me just say that all of these reviews are spot on; BelsizeparkRemovals really are that good. I have been reading through them trying to work out what I would write and in the end just opted for the truth; that they have now helped us move house twice and both times it has just been so simple because of their help. Their movers work incredibly hard and inspire confidence in them, but more so than that the support staff on the phones are just brilliant. They really help you put together the perfect move that satisfies your needs, and it is always executed with skill and precision. Superb.
Samantha S.
07Feb 2014
Just wanted to get online and give my thanks for all the help with last weekend's move. There was so much to get through and everyone at BelsizeparkRemovals pulled together to give a massive effort and we were done far earlier than I thought we might be. All of their help was really on point, each of their suggestions making a big difference as to the ease with which we moved. It was only after they left that I realised what a big difference they had made to our day, so I thought it best to jump on here and say thank you.
John Nelson
21Jan 2014
I just moved into my new office with the help of BelsizeparkRemovals and if you're planning to do the same thing then I highly suggest you give this company a call! They managed to cope with everything that you need to for an office move, and they kept my stress levels to a minimum as well! There was pretty much no disruption to the running of my business and all of my employees were just as impressed with the service as I was! If I ever move into a new office again then this is definitely the only company that I'll look to for help!
29Oct 2013
I am not best placed to make judgments on removals services, but given that my recent one went particularly well, I can say that I would happily use BelsizeparkRemovals again. Hopefully I will never have to go through the stresses of packing everything up ever again in my life, but if I do I would use them without a moment's hesitation. The job was done quickly and easily, and I was constantly kept in the loop about what was being done, and why I was paying what I was. The price was good value, and the customer service was excellent. An all-round great performance.
Steve T.
16Oct 2013
I had to move a larger than normal one bed flat, which felt like it should have been a man and van job, but was annoyingly a bit too big. I was worried that the price hike between a man and van and a removals company would be way out of my budget, but the price I got from BelsizeparkRemovals was really good. It meant that I had no problems with using them to move, as in the end it worked out a little cheaper than if the man and van had been a little slow or what have you, result!
Jessica Lumbart